Sunday 15 November 2020

Same Democrats that forged Obama's birth certificate, have been rigging the 2020 election, according to AP

AP, WASHINGTON - A team of high ranking officials have been suspected of rigging the 2020 elections. Their method: voter intimidation, widespread fraud and high-end forgery.

As the dust slowly settles, and court cases are being filed, it becomes clear how deep the problem is rooted, and how well-planned their scheme was. The fraud investigation is still on its way, but all doubts about the integrity of this election are being confirmed: no vote watchers or observers, absent media, fraudulent signatures, outspoken hostility to Trump voters, suppression to the press, etc...

Preliminary investigation reports by the FBI show that some of the Democrats who forged the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, are the same ones who forged millions of postal ballots. Alvin T Onaka has been taken into custody for questioning. At the time of the arrest, thousands of ballots were in his possession, with hand signature and post-dated. 

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